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Yayyyy, its my Birthday! I've finally hit the grand old age of 24! Yesterday I went for pre birthday drinks with some friends up in Angel. We went to my all time favourite bar The Four Sisters & also popped into John Salt for happy hour. Also had a cheeky The Diner meal to start things off as I hadnt been in ages. It used to be a place I went all the time but I've slowly but surely found other burger joints I enjoy more - But it is what it is!

I've felt overwhelmingly positive the past few days. I felt like I had an emotional crisis last year and felt more lost than I'd ever done. I have very few goals in life (which I don't think is a bad thing... it's just hard sometimes) so when you never know where you want to be feeling directionless is a odd feeling. I just feel like I've finally realised who I want to be as a person and that's a big deal. I'm finally happy and self assured again and I feel ready to tackle adulthood properly... well... a little.

I always felt weird having my birthday on Easter Sunday, I remember when I was younger and it fell on the same day I had a little tantrum as I wanted it to be all about me. But this time around I'm much more chilled out. I'm popping over to my friend Mandy & Bing's for a bit of Birthday Rules and just generally chilling out. I've made a little birthday word vomit video on my second channel if you wanted to here a bit more of my thoughts but for now Im going to get ready, eat some chocolate and enjoy being 24. Love you all, you da best xx