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Hey look at me using a misleading title. I've become that person! ANYWAY Welll if you're reading this then well done, consider yourself special. Because unless you acess my blog via, you're gonna get updates from yours truly for the next 48 while my domain switches over. Currently having domain issues because I lazily didn't renew my domain before it expired (today) so it'll take about 24-48 hours for it to get back to being rather than what I've currently set it to A minor inconvenience but you still have access to all my old stuff while it sorts its life out. I am considering switching my domain over to because I use my full name for most of my branding these days... and llymlrs is a bit done these days! What do you think? Keep LLYMLRS or just use my name?

Anyway - nothing of note to report back on today. I'm ill and exhausted (as per usual) so me and Aerys have been watching Nextflix in my onesie all day! I've toned my hair to a light ashy mink blonde, fake tanned (so orange) and painted my nails white. I feel like I've transformed into some weird WAG version of myself. About to pop some steak and broccoli on for dinner before resuming my season 4 run of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.