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I’ve had my eye on this mask over on Cult Beauty for a while, so I recently decided to give into temptation and purchase it. A while ago, I saw a ton of reviews on it saying it was really good at getting rid of blackheads. I have skin congestion issues, so most of the time I rely on mud masks to draw out all the yuckiness from under the skin. So I thought what the hell, add another mud mask to my collection and hope for the best. Bourghese Fango Active Mud is an intense active mud mask. The ingredients include Italian mud, sweet almond oil and avocado, as well as natural botanics - which help stimulate and improve skin tone.

I don't throw around “best mask ever” a lot... BUT I really really love this stuff. After a few uses, my skin looks clear and fresh and SO clean. My pores are smaller, blackheads visible cleared and my face feels so soft and smooth. I felt like it was quite a harsh mask (but I guess that's why it works!), so I only use it once a week and only ever on the areas that need to be unclogged (nose and chin). When I use it all over my face, it has a tendency to dry my skin out too much and leave me a little red faced. In all I think this is fantastic mask, it works so well at cleaning out my skin and getting rid of those pesky blackheads. So yeah, I know you're just taking my word for it with anything I review but this has really blown me away!


bourghese fango active mud
bourghese fango active mud

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