messy indie top knot
how to do a messy bun on short hair

This is going to be one of those "non" tutorials but something that was highly requested. Although it may seem baffling to hair styling experts, the messy bun is a style that alludes a lot of people. Me included. It's always something that is so hard to get right, why does it take so long to make your hair look like you've just thrown it up?

Picture this - I was in Munich, My hair was third day hair and definitely in "must wash ASAP" territory... As you can tell by my greased up fringe. But I was uber tired from the night before and me and Zoe are prone to the snooze button... So with a few minutes to spare before checked, Armed with a hair band and a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo in Monochrome I set about creating this sort of indie messy topknot as Zoe referred to it as! After a good spritz and a shake out, I sectioned off the front part of my hair. I kept down a lot more hair than I'd normally leave. As  I do have short hair and natural the bits that frame my face it fell quite nicely but I can imagine it's harder on longer hair. I wouldn't normally leave so much hair down, but I think it works nicely with this look. Then I just gathered the rest of my hair up as high as I could and tried to make a bun with what little hair I have! I literally just folded the little tuft over and wrapped my hairband round it and made it look a bit messy! I wish my hair wasnt as greasy as it was but when you're lazy and in a foreign country it shouldn't matter... well unless your like me and then take photos of yourself all the time and share them on the internet. Id recommend trying this on second day hair over freshly washed. It's supposed to look lived in and a bit more on the messy side compared to your average top knot!
What do you think of this look?