how to wear red lipstick

Ask me at the beginning of last year about how I felt about Red Lipstick and I’d given you a firm answer of NUH UH. I didn't really like the way reds looked on me, and it didn't really suit the way I used to look. The main reason I got into red was because I went blonde, Simple as that. As a brunette, I felt I couldn't carry off reds well, but I think on reflection…. I just never looked around to find a red to suit my dark hair and warm toned skin.

Red’s come in various forms including blue reds, pink reds, orange reds and true reds. On me, I like true reds and orange reds. Blues don't tend to suit me, and I don't really like pinky reds! I can’t stress the importance of finding a lipstick that is right for your skin and hair tone because it will change your attitude towards a bold classic lip completely. Picking the right formula was another struggle. After a few experiments, I decided I liked the way matte and velvet reds look on me. Glossy reds are nice, but I found they looked a bit too overdone. Matte felt somewhat understated but still oozed sophistication with a retro edge. Matte red lips also give off a retro old school Hollywood vibe which compliments my usual makeup look.

So the bottom line is with red lipstick - there isn't one shade to suit everyone. It really is worth making the extra effort to try different shades and work out which is going to be the most flattering on your colouring before committing. Red lips are bold, sexy and super glamorous. They can take a look from ok… to WOW in seconds and can dramatically change the way your feel. It's actually scientifically proven* that red lips are like a beacon to men, they love that stuff. Plus sometimes a punchy red can make you feel more confident and dare I say it… sexy… So do it - Go forth and try red lipstick. If this peachy pink girl can be converted then so can you!

*slight exaggeration, but I asked some guy mates and they said red is a winner!

How do you feel about red lips?