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I’ve always been complimented on my eyebrows, It's my thing. Every now and then something happens to them, admittedly typically in the form of a over zealous threader,  ending up looking not quite so good as I like. I know its basic but the the best remedy for over plucked brows is just to leave them to grow out. Leaving them for 6-8 weeks sans plucking is enough to get my heart racing Now this is a super daunting task, after a week I'm left with brows to rival Drake's. But here are my tips on how to cope with that awkward growing out stage which over time will be so worth it.

Spoolie Lovin':

Keeping your brows in check with a spoolie is a must. Comb through your brows and set them in place with a clear gel. I don't personally like tinted brow gel as I think it can look unnatural and harsh on dark brows like mine but on lighter brows it might look better. Clear mascaras make ideal brow gels, and can be picked up for next to nothing from budget brands so  opt for those over the expensive counterparts.

Avoid Overfill:

I know its tempting to overfill your brows but in the growing out phase you need to make sure your brows don’t look to heavy as you don’t want to draw attention to them. Keep them as natural as possible by using a powder the right shade for your eyebrows and a light hand. Avoid using pencils as they can come off harsh and over defined. Pretend you're going for that light messy Cara look rather than "I've drawn these on with a sharpie".


My top growing out tip is to run a concealer around your brows to define them and mask any stray hairs. I like to use use a cream concealer and a clean angled brush to go around the line of the eyebrows after filling them in. This is a great way to fake neater brows all while add definition and shape.

Miracle Growth:

Okay so nothings going to grow your brows out over night, but you can help them along. Castor Oil is my threaders recommendation. You can pick this up for super cheap on Amazon or any health shop. Read any of the more expensive brow growth serums and the main ingredient is Castor Oil. Buying it pure makes it much cheaper and friendlier on the wallet. Apply to a fresh spoolie brush and comb through the brows each night to encourage growth. This also works on lashes, so do both at the same time for double the impact.

Tidy up… a little:

But not too much! No body wants a mono brow so some strategic plucking is allowed. But only a little. If you're trying to make your brows thicker then try and resist plucking the underside that runs below your brows, same with the front. I find that's the most tempting part to pull tweezers out on but this is the part that often needs to be left to grow! So pop those tweezers to the back of the drawer and resist temptation as much as you can!

The next quartet of posts are all about eyebrows. Check back daily for my top tips on eyebrow maintenance, growing out & filling in.