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Last up in my mini All About Eyebrows series is maintaining those brows. We’ve all be there as a teenager - Over plucked, misshaped brows, I once shaved between my brows with a disposable razor. I was probably about 13 at the time, but I had no idea where to start with brow grooming! To keep this key feature looking good many of us gal’s like to shape the brow area to enhance the natural shape, keep the monobrow at bay and frame the face. It took me a while to work out my maintenance technique but as soon as I got it down I’ve never looked back.


This is probably the most common way and well known way of removing eyebrow hair at home. It’s relatively painless, easy to do on yourself, but time consuming as you have to maintain the brows every few days. If you’re going to reach for the tweezer, I suggest investing in good quality tweezers like Tweezerman. While I know they seem expensive, I find them much more presses and give a cleaner shape in less time.


If you’re going to get your eyebrows waxed, make sure you go to someone who actually knows what they are doing. I really worry about waxing (which is why I’ve never had it done!) because I fret about trusting someone with my eyebrows. I've heard horror stories of half the brow being waxed off or the hot wax burning skin. Maybe I'm just a bit chicken! Waxing is speedy and practical and is available on the highstreet in the form of DIY Kits or in salons. Some people find it painful some people don't.


My personal eyebrow process of choice. Where I live threading is really cheap, reliable and so quick. I haven’t touched my own eyebrows in years because I found an eyebrow lady I like and trust. I very rarely go to anyone else because I enjoy her service so much. She knows how I like my brows! Threading is a hair removal technique that originated in India but has been popularised recently in the west. A thread is used to remove hair… As you probably could have guessed from the name! The process is similar to tweezing, except more than one hair can be removed at one time. This method is precise and gives the cleanest lines compared to the other ways. Some people find it more painful than waxing, but I don’t really find it that bad now that I’ve found my threader who has a super light hand.

The next quartet of posts are all about eyebrows. Check back daily for my top tips on eyebrow maintenance, growing out & filling in.


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