5 uses for vaseline


Vaseline has been on my list of must have beauty items for as long as I can remember. It's a cult beauty classic. While Vasaline is unglamorous at best, it's one of the most multi use items in the beauty industry. It's something that I firmly believe everyone should have in their beauty stash and here are five reasons why...

one: A no brainer and the most common use for Vaseline is as lip balm. Using it on your lips in the colder months will keep them protected from the elements and super soft at the same time. This is where I like to use the tinted or the flavoured versions of the iconic beauty must have as they are a little bit more appealing than the original.

TWO: This is a use for Vaseline is one that I've not personally tried, yet a lot of people use Vaseline on their eyelashes before going to bed to help encourage growth. I'm very tempted to give this one a whirl but I do get worried about getting my eyelashes stuck together. So many people I know rave about this technique so I really shouldn't be so worried.

THREE: Taming unruly brows. Pop a bit of vaseline on a spoolie and run it through your brows to keep them in place. Using the same idea as the lash growth tip I wonder if adding Vaseline to your brows o help encourage the growth of them too.

FOUR: Popping a light coating around the hairline when using at home hair dyes will stop it from staining the skin around your face. It'll create a barrier between the harsh chemicals in the dye and your skin. Which is ideal for sensitive skintyps.

FIVE: Keeping dry edges at bay. Im talking knee's, elbows, hands and cutiles. It seems theres a product designed for all sorts of dry areas but Vaseline is a good all rounder for all these. Why use 3 products when one does just the same job. Also applying a small ammount to elbows and knee's before self tanning will prevent staining.
Do you have any alternative uses for Vaseline?