2014 spring nail trends

2014 spring nail trends
2014 spring nail trends

Now most people are going to like this, but for spring in terms of a colour palette… It going to be all about neutrals and nudes. Creamy nudes and white nails were all over the catwalks for this season, and I can see them translating well over to consumer talons. Pastel is always "in" during the spring months but they've gone even milkier and even closer to white than ever before. I call them the "not quite whites", white bases with a hint of colour. Also the clean, simple chic barely there mani was also seen everywhere. The "Your nails, but better" look can be achieved with sheer jelly polishes. They give a light coverage, just enough to enhance the natural nail. For seasons, we were taught to search for opaque, one coat polishes, and now we're being told to add some sheer polishes in our collection! It feels like you cant win in the beauty world!

Never fear, nail art lovers. Nail art is going to be hotter than ever in early spring so keep hold of those nail pens and dotting tools. BUT and a big but... nail art seems to have grown up. It's taken a soft and pretty turn, unlike the bright loud and garish patterns that were seen in previous seasons. A major focus point for 2014 in nails will be on a more delicate, classy nail art designs, in a colour palette to reflect this. Embellished nails were everywhere with a lot of 3d nail art at NYFW. Again this was kept quite minimalistic - well as minimal as a bejewelled nail can look! A few crystals here and there, a stud or two to accent the nail. Nothing crazy, just simple and pretty.

So in conclusion spring nails this year will be all about keeping it simple but glamourous at the same time. Fairly youthful but also keeping it classy and refined. I think the trend I'll mostly be embracing will be the understated glam nail art. Watch this space… I'm off to experiment!
What nail trends will you be trying this spring?

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