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Aerin red velvet Lipstick *

Now I don't have small lips, but I can't say I was blessed when it came to extra lip cushion. I've noticed recently that I often overdrawn my lower lip, especially when I wear red or dark lipsticks. I don't know why I've got into this habit but its something that I don't hate? It adds a little extra something something to my usual look.

I took my lipstick of choice, In this case Im using the Aerin Lipstick in Red Velvet. On a lip brush, I take a small amount and ever so slightly draw over my lover lip line. Just a tiny bit to make my bottom lip look that little bit fuller. For this step, you could use a pencil but I didn't have one in this shade, so I decided to opt for a small lip brush. I also felt this was a little bit softer than using a sharp pencil line. I then filled the rest of my lips in with the lip bullet. To clean up around the edges I lightly went around my lips with a Q-Tip before taking a clean angled brush and going around my lips with a concealer.

I always thought it was a bit tacky or dare I say it… bordering on drag to overdrawn the lip line. It'sdefinitely not something I'd do on a regular basis, but I think with darker lips it can look quite nice and not TOO tacky. My only suggestion is to not go too crazy, literally only take it slightly over your lip line. Just be careful as its easy to go from slightly overdrawn to clown in one simple swipe.

Have you ever overdrawn your lips?