removing semi permanent hair colour

vosene original dandruff prevention shampoo : £1.89
bleach washing out liquid : £5
Fairy Liquid : £1
So you’ve dyed your hair a crazy colour... it’s not quite what you’re expecting, or you’ve been told it’s unacceptable for school/work/whatever. It might have just washed out a bit and gone a bit of an icky colour. Helping semi permanent hair colour fade quicker is probably a lot easier than you might think. When I had pink hair, and it was lingering towards a very strange orange tint towards the end of it’s life, I started looking into ways of getting rid of that colour from my hair. I was pointed towards a few products to help fade semi permanent hair colour... So that's a what I'm going to be sharing with you guys today.

Vosene Original Dandruff Prevention Shampoo is a medicated shampoo that strips the hair due to its high salicylic acid content. While Vosense is an anti dandruff shampoo, it's my colour stripper of choice. I like to use this before shampooing and leave it on for a bit to make sure it gets to work. I then rinse it off, and you can see the colour flow out. Then wash as normal, making sure to go heavy on the conditioner after. I've also recently purchased the Bleach Wash Out Liquid which I didn't find it as abrasive as Vosene, which was a plus point as my hair is quite damaged and I didn't need anymore damage! If you're having a disaster at home and can't run out to get a colour stripper, you could also just use everyday household washing up soap such as Fairy Liquid. It has high alkalinity levels which help fade the colour out. I found this leaves the hair feeling stripped and the colour removed. Cheap and cheerful and definitely a great product to use in emergencies.

Clarifying shampoo's work well but pretty much all of them dry your hair out. Especially on pre lightened hair as it will just make it feel worse. All of these shampoo's strip the hair of all their natural oils. Thus your hair might be left very dry. It's important not to overuse and always recommend following up with a good hair mask!
! You can also use these products to help with product buildup and they are great for greasy hair.

I've also used Colour B4 on my hair, but I found it was a HUGE effort as the processing takes a long time. I'd definitely consider this as a last resort if your hair colour won't remove at all. As this is designed for more permanent hair colours, stripping the hair back to its natural state. The washing out or "scrubbing" process took me ages and my hair smelt awful after I'd used it. While I admit it worked at removing the colour it left my hair looking and smelling like a haystack! So it does have it's pro's and cons!

How do you fade semi permanent hair colour?