jerome russell blonde colour tone champagne blonde review swatch photo
jerome russell blonde colour tone champagne blonde review swatch photo
jerome russell blonde colour tone champagne blonde review swatch photo

jerome russell bblonde Colour Toner champagne blonde : £4.49

Now... You didn't think I'd honestly leave my hair alone for longer than a week did you? If you're blonde like me, then you'll empathise a bit. Its SO hard to keep blonde looking the "right" shade of blonde. Especially as I haven't gone back to the hair dresser since the Barbie blonde incident, I've been really struggling with the upkeep of my hair as it keeps going too light and then too orange. Now I know I need my roots blended really badly so lets just ignore those for a minute...

A few days ago on one of my usual pursues of the aisles of Boots I noticed that Jerome Russell Bblonde has brought out (or I'd just not noticed before, I'm not sure when these came out) some blonde hair toners. The Bblonde toners come in three shades: Ice Blonde, Champagne Blonde & Honey Blonde. I picked Champagne blonde as the creamy blush tones were just what my hair needed. It claims to knock out any of the brassy tones and refresh blonde hair between colouring. I thought it would add some subtle beige creaminess to the lighter parts of my hair while warming up other areas.

My base hair colour is very light, a pale yellowy colour which fades so quickly either to a green when I use too much purple or goes a bit yellowy. I wash my hair quite a lot so keeping my hair the colour I want it to be isn't all that easy. Purple shampoo works to some degree at knocking our orange tones, unfortunately they never last too long and often turn my hair either grey or green. I thought the Jerome Russell Bblonde Champagne Blonde Toner would neutralise all the brassy and yellow tones leaving my hair with a really subtle and most importantly natural blonde tint.

Application is simple, I washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo and just applied the toner as I would shampoo or conditioner. I then popped a plastic bag on my head (oh the glamour) and blasted it with heat for about 5 minutes, then left it for 30 minutes to develop. The Bblonde toner is semi permanent and lasts about 8 washes. As it's peroxide and ammonia free, My hair didn't feel damaged or over processed after use. I used one bottle on my hair despite purchasing two just in case one wouldn't cover my whole head. I thought they looked really small, one was more than enough for a full head application on my long hair.

I'm really happy with the result of this toner, I'll definitely be using it again once the colour starts to fade. I'm sure that to some people it probably looks the same in photos as it did before but in real life it's noticeably different. Much more creamy, less lackluster and just has a little bit more oomph than my other shade. It's nice to see some blonde toners on the highstreet like this as it'll save me a fortune from going to the hair dressers. This has been designed to work on pre lightened or light blonde hair, so it won't benefit everyone. But if you're looking for a product to neutralise brassiness and add creamy neutral beige tones to your hair then I do recommend giving it a go!

Ps. As I always say with these types of hair toning posts I'm not a professional, but do have a basic grasp on hair colouring. I do try to stress that what works for me might not work for you so always be careful when listening to my recommendations when it comes to things that are permanent!

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