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L'Oreal Absolute Makeup remover eye & lip
heal gel face*

L'Oreal Absolute  Makeup Remover Eye & Lip is a two part eye makeup remover that Emma actually recommended to me. It's a pretty good dupe for the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover as it not only looks similar but works in exactly the same way. One swipe of this over the most heavy of eye makeup and it's gone. I found that it didn't sting or "cloud" my eyes and felt non greasy. Plus, the best thing about this is that it retails for less than a fiver and is often on offer, I picked this up for about £3!

Heal Gel Face is a new product to me but I've read a bit of blog hype about it recently so I was very happy when I was offered a sample to review. I've been using this as my day and night moisturiser for about two weeks now and in that time my skin looks plumper, healthier and more hydrated. All within just one week. I was so shocked how quickly this worked for my skin. It's packed full of skin friendly ingredients like  hylauronic acid and omega oils. Both of which work wonders for dry and dehydrated skin types like mine. The serum is quite a light white cream and a few pumps absorbs instantly into my skin. I was apprehensive about using the product at first because it contains silicones (my skin hates silicones) but it's worked well for me and I haven't broken out at all. At £49 it is VERY pricey but I really like it. My skin is very thin so anything that proves the collegen, makes my face feel and look fresher really help.s

The combo of HealGel Face and Peptabright have worked wonders on pepping my skin back up and evening out the tone.This is an old favourite but after I finished it up I never ended up repurchasing it. Recently I repurchased the serum because I was thinking back to a fail safe routine that worked for my troublesome skin. As I've had some horrible breakouts recently I've got some scars that need fading, paired with my my skin tone looking even more lacklustre than usual. I thought it was time to get it again. After three weeks my skin looks more radiant, even and less red. I've found all the Indeed Labs products I've tried work so well for my skin and I really like their no-fuss approach to skincare.

Have you tried any of these products?