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batiste dry conditioner : £3.99

You heard me, Dry Conditioner. Now this is a completely new product to me but the idea makes sense I suppose. I don't know if it's a brand new idea but the idea of a dry conditioner has completely bypassed my beauty radar. Batiste launched a dry spray conditioner into their incredibly popular dry shampoo range. I'm a firm believer in Batiste and I wholeheartedly recommend all their dry shampoo's on a regular basis. However unlike the shampoo's, Dry condoners are aimed at taming and adding shine to the hair rather than mattifying it and reducing oil. I have dry, damaged hair and it lacks a lot of shine and control especially on second day hair. I like to spray this all over my hair whenever it's looking a bit frizzy or unmanageable. Almost instantly it added softness, smoothness and shine to my hair in a way I never expected. I also LOVE the scent of this, it just smells so darn good! It doesn't leave my hair looking or feeling greasy, just nourished and lightly refreshed between washes. This gets the Lily Melrose seal of approval for sure!
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