sleek matte me in petal review swatch photo
sleek matte me in petal review swatch photo
sleek matte me in petal review swatch photo
sleek matte me in petalreview swatch photo
sleek matte me in petal: £4.99
SLEEK MATTE ME IN roja red: £4.99

The Sleek Matte Me are marketed as a smooth matte lip cream which are opaque in one swipe. I bought this on a whim as I’d not seen any liquid lipstick type items on the UK Highstreet and thought that I might be able to recommend it as an affordable alternative. My local Boots as just started stocking Sleek Makeup, so they didn't have a wide selection of shades to choose from. In the end, I settled on a classic Lily shade called Petal and a new Lily shade in Roja Red. In the packaging Petal looks like a pretty peppy neutral pink, swatched on the back of my hand it looked just as lovely. While Roja Red looks like a neutral mid tone cherry red.

Unfortunately for Sleek Matte Me in Petal doesn’t pack the pigmented punch I hoped. While I admit I do have considerably pigmented lips, which of course might be why the shade doesn’t work that well on me. I had to layer fit up to get it looking opaque. If I'd applied just one coat it didn't look even at all. As I layered it it got even more patchy and drying.  Roja Red was one swipe opaque though which was impressive. The Sleek Matte Me's come in a few other shades which from swatches I've seen on blogs look very pigmented, so I found it odd Petal was so off the mark.

Colours aside, the formula I have a real issue with. I found it tricky to apply it in a way which gave even coat on the lips. Once it started to look opaque, I felt like it just sat on top of my lips in a uneven streaky coat. It enhanced every single imperfection including drying my lips out completely. After one use, it felt I could have used a whole pot of lip balm, and they still wouldn't feel normal. I do know that with other liquid lipsticks I've tried they so have a sort of powdery or lacquer feeling on the lips but nothing like these. The best way I could describe this is that it felt as if I'd covered my lips in eyeshadow, Like a dry chalky coat.

I truly wanted to like this, I adore both the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks (particularly Bellissima) and the Hourglass Rouge Opaques (namely Rivera), but To be honest, I’ll stick with the more expensive versions for now. It’s a real shame as I love Sleek and I loved the idea behind this product. I'd been crossing my fingers for an affordable highstreet dupe to recommend to you guys. But it's just a horrible product. I don't often do negative reviews as you guys probably know. When I do it's when I think a product doesn't live up to blogger hype, it's own hype or completely misses the mark. This is 100% one of those products. Im really suprised to see so many positive reviews of these after trying this! Drying, Chalky, Emphasises the lines and cracks, Hard to apply, Uneven… nah. Pass.

It's annoying as they look so darn pretty in the swatches so Im gonna presume people who don't read my review will like them! But I really don't like them at all. They just aren't worth it!
Have you tried these?