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Today I made this sick day get ready with me video for my Youtube Channel. I know, I know I said I'd lay off doing stuff until I'm better but my cold and flu has subsided and I still have no voice (see a video of it here). I couldn't speak in the video and despite it being less than three minutes long it actually took me a whole day to film and edit. It really isn't as quick and as easy as people seem to think. Although I could be doing it wrong!

I personally don't subscribe to the whole "if you're ill you have to look a mess", why is that a rule? I feel better when I look better. Plus I've naughtily still been getting on with my life despite being sick, I used Five products on my face in a look that took less than 3 minutes to do and I went from drab, blanket wrapped mess to something a little more presentable and feel good. I think flawless skin and red lips is the best way to go when you want to create a fool proof sick day look!My outfit is my go-to sick/sunday outfit, basically leggings paired with a big over sized jumper. It's super simple but still looks stylish and effortless.

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