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It's almost been a whopping 10 days since I lost my voice and it's finally showing signs of coming back. HAPPY DANCE! I'm sure I'll be as right as rain in the next few days. Today I've been working, getting Aerys cuddles and doing house chores. I'm just about to go do my weekly food shop, and I've even written a list for the first time. I've decided that I need to meal plan a bit more and stop spending so much money on food. Spending a tenner here and there on a day or two's worth of food needs to stop! It makes me feel sick the amount of money I spend on crap!

I pulled out another of my fail safe outfits cache. This time it's a check dress/jumper/boots combo. As much as I loved my The White Pepper Dress check dress it shrunk so much in the wash it's actually like a top on me now. I'm really disappointed as I love the brand so much, but I washed it to the instructions but still shrunk. My other dresses from The Whitepepper haven't so I don't know if I did something wrong! So I decided to buy the ASOS branded version, this one was in the sale. It's actually maternity as it was in the sale, and the regular wasn't, it's not too bad of a fit. Maybe a little roomy in the tum, as demonstrated by the side on photo. Oh dear this is how rumours are started! I actually quite like that it's a bit more flared and longer length on me. It's a more wintery feel to a summery dress, Layered up with my trusty furry jumper, This one is from ASOS also.

I need to go to Primark at some point this week to go buy some tights and socks. I swear that I loose socks and tights into some sort of hosiery black hole.