lazy girls guide to… faking a perfect manicure
nailine 200 petite square nails: £8.49
Elegant Touch American Girl Pink:
Elegant Touch Patterned Nails (various Prices)

Now I don't have perfect nails. I wish I didn't feel like I "have" to wear falsies. But I do because of a few things: 1. I bite my nails, 2. They don't grow from years of acrylic nail abuse (this ones my own fault). 3. I don't like my natural nail shape. and... 4. well I'm too lazy to give them the care and attention I should I'm by no means saying you should always wear falsies. They aren't good for your nails but you might have an event coming up or your off on a fancy night out or you just want to use that brand new Models Own Polish and your little stubby nails aren't cutting it. In comes false nails. There is a lot of them out there, some good some bad.  I have a few favourite's to cheat everything from a perfect manicure, basic everyday nails to intricate nail art to give your nails the WOW factor.

For easy fuss free everyday nails then I wholeheartedly recommend the Nailene Petite 200. These were discontinued a while ago but have been bought back so I stocked up with 4 packets of these. The nails are strong, versatile and provide a perfect base for any manicure. These are totally my go-to nails and when I've been using them for years. I like that they are short, square and perfect for girls like me who struggle to find nails that fit small nail beds. Each size has approx 10 nails but I find I can easily get at least 15 full applications out of a pack before having to finally admit defeat on the larger sized nails. At £8.49 a pack, you're looking at around 50p a full set of nails. Best part is you can add your own nail polish to the nails! They are currently in stock on the Boots website and I wholeheartedly recommend them!

For the perfect french manicured nails I really like the Elegant Touch . They are short length so don't look overly false on the nails. I love that the tips aren't too large either as I don't personally like that over sized white nail tip as I think it can look a little tacky and bridal. None the less there are a time and a place for the french manicure and these are great for a formal event and you're wanting a fail safe easy mani.

And finally for patterned nails there are so many different types of amazing patterned nails out there that you can pick up these days I don't even know where to begin. A few of my favourites include the Henry Holland for Elegant Touch Nails and the Little Mix for Elegant Touch Nails. Both feature unique and innovative nail art which will definitely prompt some compliments. In fact Elegant Touch are probably my favourite false nail brand these days as they've really come through with unique and innovative designs. Not all of us are blessed with the steady hands for nail art

So there is my Lazy Girl's guide to faking a perfect manicure. While I'm a constant false nail wearer I want to stress that they do ruin your nails so this might not be the greatest "cheat sheet" I've ever written. But like I said, if you're okay with doing it once in a while then go for it! Let the people marvel at your perfectly faked talons!
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