best drugstore nail brands review swatch photo

If there is one thing I think the UK high-street does well then that's nail polish, because of this I've decided to talk about some of my personal favourite high-street nail polish brands. I'm not talking particular colours as I could talk for ages about nail polishes that I love from each of these brands. I've chosen to be a little bit more general with my picks dividing them into three categories: colour, dry time and best brush. These are my three main selling points when looking at nail polish brands, and I'm sure many will agree.

Colour Range: This was a no brainier as I had to go with Models Own. They currently stock over 150 assorted nail polishes in a HUGE spectrum of shades. They have glitters, matte's, flakes, textured, creme and so many more. Each season they are adapting and updating their shade range with exciting on trend colours and textures. Their colours are always the unique and compelling brand colourwise to check out.

Quickest Drying: 'Aint nobody got time for that! If there is one thing I hate about doing my nail is waiting for them to dry. None the less, this pick is an absolute no brainer for quick dry polishes. I wholeheartedly recommend the Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish. Ok, so maybe it doesn't dry in 1 second, but it does dry really quickly and you can easily get a full manicure done and dried in less than 5 minutes. Tops. The finish is also a really glossy high shine and gel nail inspired which is a big plus.

Best Brush: I recently road tested the Rimmel 60 Second Nail polishes and was really dazzled by their wide one stroke brushes. They can coat the whole nail in one swipe and give exceptional even coverage on the nail. No streaks or lines and leave a good thick but not too thick coating. These also dry really fast as the name suggests.

I'll have to give an honourable mention to Barry M. They were THE nail brand when I was growing up, and I'd always spend my pocket on their nail polishes. But when Models Own launched they quickly fell to the side, yet they have gone from strength to strength over the year. Bringing out a ton of new shades, formulas (I love the Gelly Hi Shines) and finishes.

Which are your favourite drugstore nail polish brands?