The Body Shop White Musk Smokey ETP review swatch photo
The Body Shop White Musk Smokey EDP- £13*

As winter is coming, it's time to switch up my perfumes summer favourite perfumes for my autumn winter picks. I absolutely adore Versace Crystal Noir, it's my seasonal perfume of choice. I was recently sent the new The Body Shop White Musk Smokey EDP, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

To get a bit heavy in a post for a moment I thought I'd talk a bit about a common ingredient in perfumes: Musk. As a perfume lover, I know very little about the ingredients in perfume but can easily identify then via my nose. While researching this post I came across quite a bit of stuff that I didn't actually know about Musk in fragrances. The first cruelty free Musk fragrance was brought in by The Body Shop in 1981 called White Musk. It was not only an instant bestseller, White Musk also represented a landmark in the fragrance industry. It was one of the first man-made, cruelty-free musk fragrances. This was to replace real musk, which is extracted from the Civet Deer via cruel, painful methods. I actually had no idea this is where musk originally came from and always presumed it was some sort of spice or flower. Although one would presume because these deer are endangered now and times have changed, most perfumeries use a synthetic version or the version that is obtained from plants. One thing that should be always be noted about The Body Shop is that they have always been ahead of their time. They have been fighting for animal rights and have always been coming up with innovative ways to make things cruelty free and friendlier to the earth. It's a very admirable quality in a brand.

Anyway, back the the perfume. White Musk Smoky Rose by The Body Shop is a Floriental (floral/oriental style) fragrance in EDP format. Launched this year it's top notes are bergamot, pink pepper and black currant; middle notes are tobacco blossom, black rose, orange blossom and immortelle; base notes are olibanum and white musk. I find it to be quite a dark, rosy, musky scent with a sort of incense feel to it. It's delicate and deep. While also being warming, mysterious and seasonal. The notes tobacco flower and pepper give the fragrance a light smokey feel to it which is a note that I don't tend to like but works incredibly well overall. As I said it reminds me a little of incense sticks or that sort of musty, old-fashioned smell, Something that wouldn't smell out of place in a monastery. Which sounds odd but you know what I mean, Hopefully!

I actually really like this perfume, mainly because I love musky scents in the cooler months. I feel this is a wonderful nod to all things wintery and warming while giving the popular White Musk fragrance a bit of a wintery twist. It's quite unique, and I've not sniffed anything similar. So its worth giving it a spritz or two if your passing. Like with the majority of Body Shop ranges, White Musk Smoky Rose comes in all the usual body products including a EDT version of this perfume. This retails for £13 which I think is the perfect price point for a unique little perfume like White Musk Smoky Rose. Definitely on my AW must have list!
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