half up half down hairstyle with TRESemmé Pro Shine

TRESemmé Pro Shine xfactor romantic half up half down
TRESemmé Pro Shine xfactor romantic half up half down
TRESemmé Pro Shine xfactor romantic half up half down
TRESemmé Pro Shine xfactor romantic half up half down
TRESemmé Pro Shine xfactor romantic half up half down

Pro Shine Shampoo and Conditioner*: £4.99 each Pro Shine Heat Style Primer*: £5.50 Pro Shine Illumination Shine Oil Spritz*: £5.50 Pro Shine Lasting Hold Fixing Spray*: £5.50, PRO SHINE  ULTIMATE VOLUME WHIP*: £5.50, PRO SHINE LIQUID TEXURISING Spray*: £5.50

Winter is closing in which means one thing, more weekends in, lots of chocolate, ordering a pizza and X Factor. I love the show, in fact live tweeting X Factor is actually one of my favourite things in the world. I think I enjoy it more than actually watching the show. However my favourite part is always the glossy transformations from everyday person on the street to glamorous versions of the contents. I love it. Although Im totally relating  with Luke's hair the most, I feel ya on everyone wanting to wash your hair!

TRESemmé is the digital haircare partner for the X Factor.  Hairdresser Jamie Stevens is on hand each week creating the contestants hair looks using products from the TRESemmé Pro Shine range. The Pro Shine Range will be launching exclusively in Tesco. The range consists of a variety of products to give camera-ready super-shiny locks. To celebrate this, I'm going head to head with Zoe to tackle an X Factor contestant's hair look each week. Last week she did Abi, but for my first look, I'm going to be recreating Tamera Foster's Half Up half Down look. It's actually very similar to the hair that I normally do when I go out, so it was a breeze to recreate. The hero product for this look is the TRESemmé Pro Shine Liquid Texture Mist. A really lovely wet texturising spray that's designed to be used before drying to give the hair a boost. I love it because it gives a rough texture without making my hair feel heavy or sticky.

Step 1: First I washed my hair with the TRESemmé Pro Shine Wash Shampoo and Conditioner. Then applied TRESemmé Pro Shine Liquid Texture to the roots to give my hair a bit of roughness. I then blow dried really roughly to give the hair a rough, undone feel to it.

Step 2: Tong the hair to give light, romantic loose waves. I've used quite a large barrelled curling iron as I like a very loose wave look. However you can use whichever size you prefer. I then brushed the hair out to create waves rather than curls

Step 3: Section off the front section of your hair. As I don't have a fringe like Tamera, I decided to keep some of the front of my hair down because I find it more flattering. I backcombed in small sections, so the backcombing holds a little better. Then set this with the TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Plumping Powder.

Step 4: Secure the hair back with bobby pins just below the crown and finish with a spritz of TRESemmé Pro Shine Lasting Hold Fixing Spray.

Step 5: Lastly, Fiddle around pulling strands out around the face to add softness and add to the boho, romantic look. I quite like a messy finish, so I didn't do a very sleek job of it. Tamera's look is a little more glamorous than my take on the look but its the same idea. Just tailor the look for your own style.
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