Bleach Super Cool Colour in Rosé

Bleach Super Cool Colour in Rose review swatch photo
Bleach Super Cool Colour in Rose review swatch photo
Bleach Super Cool Colour in Rose review swatch photo
Bleach Super Cool Colour in Rose review swatch photo
Bleach Super Cool Colour in Rose (£5)*

Much to my excitement last week I went along to the Bleach Super Cool Colour launch. I was given the opportunity to have my hair done by their ever so talented staff and before I could say anything I was in the chair getting Rosé applied to my hair. They applied the Super Cool Colour straight onto freshly shampooed, damp hair and left for around 20 minutes, before rinsing and styling. I went from blonde to funky dip dye in less than 45 minutes!

Super Cool Colour in Rosé is a pale pink with a lavender base. This means that it doesn't have a reddy undertone and looks slightly more pinky-purple on the hair than other pinks I've used before. It's hard to explain, but it's a very true pink compared to some other pinks I've used in the past (see Live XXL Shocking Pink). The Super Cool Colour itself is a really nourishing, moisturising base which left my hair feeling soft and not dried out. It had quite a nice scent as well, which worried me at first as I'm allergic to a lot of scented products, but as I wasn't getting it near my scalp I didn't worry too much. Sometimes it irritates my neck, but I had no issues with this one.

Now things to remember about my hair, I have very porous hair from it being coloured so much, colour never tends to cling on for long (I tone it almost every week!), and it's very blonde as a base colour. In my hair, the shade Rose lasted two washes (faded completely) and then one further wash with Vosense (my hair colour remover of choice) just to get rid of the last bits to go completely. The Super Cool Colour didn't stain my hair or leave any signs of residue behind, which is a plus. This is my main worry about hair colours like this, but I'm pleased to report Rose hasn't done this to my hair. I think this will vary from shade to shade and hair colour to hair colours though.

In all, two huge thumbs up from me. Everything I expected and more from the brand. At £5 a pop and available from larger Boots stores as well as online I cant think of a reason not to like them. Bleach Super Cool Colours come in a whopping 12 shades ranging from blue to purple to orange and red. Everything you could dream of to get rainbow hair. I have Washed Up Mermaid (a minty green) lurking in my cupboard at the moment, and it's taking all my will power not to add that into my hair. Maybe next week… I think Bleach have filled a gap in the market for at home hair colours available on the highstreet, and I'm excited to see where they go next.

Things to remember is these are designed to work on pre lightened or bleached or blonde hair. If you have dark hair the majority of the shades won't work for you. In the case of I Saw Red (red) and Blullini (blue), they might add a bit of a colour cast to the hair, but they will not be vibrant. Also, They may stain blonder hair, they might not. This depends on your hair type, how porous your hair is and the base shade. It's also worth noting this might not come out as you think it will in your hair. A lot of hair colours react different on different hair tones. Mines a light ash blonde and I can get vivid colours on it because it's so multi tonal, where on the other hand some blondes might react differently It's a risk you take when going for crazier hair colours!
Do you like the sound of these?

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