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This morning I woke up with the worst back pain ever. I occasionally get Sciatica (mainly when I stay at my Mum's as well!) which is basically a trapped nerve. It effects my legs and my back and makes moving so excruciatingly painful. I woke up in such extreme pain I had to wait for my mum wake up and bring me pain killers. It was dreadful. I had promised I'd take my littlest brother out for hot chocolate thought so I dosed up and took him to Costa. He had a Babyccino (essentially a kids hot chocolate!), and I had a Vanilla Latte which he ate most of the foam off. He's such a little character, so it was lovely spending time with him. I have two very little siblings, and it's weird living so far away as I don't get to see them grow up. So whenever I get home I can never get over how big they have gotten! I'm now going to lie down and watch some TV. I'm possibly one of the few people who hasn't watched Breaking Bad at all, so I'm determined to see what all the fuss is about!