review swatch photo

So yeah, another blonde hair inspired post! But this time I've been playing around in photoshop giving my hair a bit of a playing with using layers and editing. Despite being fairly used to using photoshop I've never even attempted it before but I was quite happy with how these turned out in the end. I just wanted to see what I'd look like with various tones of blonde hair inspired by my previous post. I know that I want my hair to be less highlighted and more of one even tone. I definably want minimal or no roots, I always make a point having roots still whenever I get my hair done but I think I'd quite like no roots for a change.

I'd love blonde Targareyn style hair (like the first photo) but I don't think I'll ever be able to pull it off as my brows are too dark and it'd probably wash my fairly tanned skin out. Top Left is a bit too dark, and very similar to my natural hair colour. Bottom lest is a little too Lindsey Lohan, I always get compared to her and I think it looks slightly too dark for what I think I want. I think I personally like bottom right the best. I did lighten my brows slightly to match the hair colour a little but I don't know how comfortable I am with lightening my brows IRL. The idea of having ombre brows does not sit well with me! They grow so fast anyway I don't reckon it would be worth it. I definitely want more of a caramel, warm toned blonde rather than ashy tones. I like creamy blonde tones and I definitely think I might take this photo in with me and see what they stylist says!

If you'd like me to share the layer masks that I made in photoshop for these photoshopped hair colours then I can do. It was a fairly simple method I used when I was making these but it does require some photoshop understanding! I'll post the PSD if people are interested (: