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So that's it! Another fashion week done and dusted. I know its weird but I'm literally so tired and ill from such a hectic weekend. From the outside LFW looks really glamorous and really easy but its so so intense and high pressure. The way I could describe it would it its like the first day of school, but the first day of school where everything is so judgy and overwhelming you can't quite deal with it. Then after you've been there a week all the pressure comes off and you're okay again. It's like that. Tomorrow I'm going to edit my blog from the past few days and then Im going to return all the clothing I panic bought to wear at LFW, and then sleep and chill. Before working for a few more days and taking the weekend off.

Today I was backstage at the Topshop Showspace which was in Regents Park this year covering the Fashion East and Meadham Kirchhoff Shows. I stalked Chloe Norgaard for a bit and now I think I really really want green hair. Plus you'll never guess who bleeding' turned up. Only Harry Styles (and Grimmy and Pixie Geldof, who I didn't even notice as I was too busy perving on Harry. I'm not a 1D fan, I always though "wah i'm a bit too old for this". I've encountered loads of celebrities and people in bands over the years and never really been phased by it all. However I got a little bit of One Direction fever, I actually got a bit nervous when I was near him. Perhaps Im a convert over to the Directioner's! I posted a few snaps on my Instagram earlier if you wanted to check them out including my hilarious selfie with him.

Just a round up post with some of the images I snapped today, my four outfits (I looked like a tramp today as I really couldn't be bothered, hence no outfit!) I just want to say a big thank you to BFC for hosting London Fashion Week, the brands I worked with (Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe. The Body Shop & St Tropez) and all the designers PR's for getting me show tickets. I always say I love and hate fashion week but I can wholeheartedly say I've really enjoyed this season. I might have moaned about being tired too much but I've met some awesome people, people who follow my blog, new bloggers and caught up with people who I don't get to see that often. Fashion week, you have ruined me.