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monki coat
forever 21 gilet
river island sunglasses
boohoo boots*
black tied bracelet*
hair by Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe (see this post)

So thats day four done! I really loved my outfit today it was the perfect cold but also cost outfit. It rained like there was no tomorrow earlier and it was absolutely dreadful! I had to take shelter under the awning at the Courtyard Showspace. Today I missed pretty much all the shows I was supposed to go to! Including KTZ (clashed with a backstage I wanted to cover) and some other. However I did head over to Pam Hogg with The Body Shop and covered the backstage. Pam Hogg was absolutely insane, as Zoe described it "absolutely batshit" Like literally next level fashion week crazy, but absolutely amazing. There is no doubt she's a creative and innovative designer. One more day to go which kinda makes me sad but I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I've got three shows and thats me done. I did the "full five" for the first time. Although Im absolutely shattered and feel so so ill (my voice is almost gone!) I've had the best fashion week yet!