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Barry M Royal glitters lady duchess princess countess majesty nail paint review swatch photo
Barry M Royal glitters nail paint review swatch photo
Barry M Royal glitters Lady  nail paint review swatch photo
Barry M Royal glitters Duchess nail paint review swatch photo
Barry M Royal glitters Countess  nail paint review swatch photo
Barry M Royal glitters Princess nail paint review swatch photo
Barry M Royal glitters Majesty nail paint review swatch photo
 Barry M Duchess Nail Paint*
 Barry M Lady Nail Paint*
 Barry M Majesty Nail Paint*
 Barry M Princess Nail Paint*
 Barry M Countess Nail Paint*

More Barry M launches coming at you today! I feel like sometimes all I post about is nail polish but I genuinely really adore all things nail polish at the moment! Maybe I should start a dedicated nail polish swatch blog because I could literally post about it every single day if I could! Anyway, like I said. New Barry M launch for AW 2013. This collection obviously have a nod the royal fever we are currently experiencing and the opulent finishes fit perfectly with a royal theme. The Barry M Royal Glitter Collection is five new glittery shades with a textured finish. I feel the texture is a little less gritty compared to the other Barry M Textured polished I reviewed earlier in the year. I didn't find them too rough on the nails and the urge to pick wasn't that bad. The glitters have a unique matte finish but a topcoat will make it glossy without much effort.

Barry M Princess Nail Paint is a barbie style pink with gold shimmer going through it, the nail polish applies sheer at first but is two coats opaque. Barry M Majesty Nail Paint reminds me of the sand polishes because of the finish and the shade. It's a mixture of gold and glitter and looks either very summery or very Christmas ready.  Barry M Duchess Nail Paint is a lilac toned pinky grey glitter, its not as pink as Princess but still has a very noticeable light pink tone. I quite like this one, I think it looks really dreamy and pretty. Barry M Lady Nail Paint is the lightest of all the Royal Glitter's and is a shimmery white with pearly glitter, I also really like this one and think it'll make the perfect christmas/ snowy nail look. Barry M Countess Nail Paint is the most vamp looking shade of the five in this collection and I feel it's the most unique. In the bottle it looks quite brown but once applied it's a dark berry purple with gold and iridesent glitter in it. I really didnt expect to like this one as much as I did. It'd make a really good halloween shade I think.

Overall I think there are some nice shades in this collection but I could have done without the texture element to the glitters. I feel as smooth glittery shades they'd be a lot easier to wear and be a little more consumer friendly. I see Duchess and Lady being the stand out shades from this range though! These launch September 25th in Superdrug and Boots from October 2nd at £3.99

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