Revlon Chic Nail Polish

Revlon Chic Nail Polish review swatch photo
Revlon Chic Nail Polish review swatch photo
Revlon Chic nail polish: £4.49*

Revlon Chic a shade that caught my eye when I was browsing through my nail polish collection. I'd been looking for polishes for an autumn nail polish trend feature that I was currently planning and I pulled it out. Revlon Chic is a dusty blue with a grayish undertone creme finish nail polish, Although I can see a sort of teal edge when looking at the polish. It's really different, and I don't have any other nail polishes in this colour palette. It also looks really lovely when used with a matte topcoat, I used one I had for a while from Topshop. The polish applies evenly and smoothly, albeit a little thinner than I'd prefer. In all, it's a unique, different nail polish and is really season appropriate. Might be worth snapping it up.
What do you think of this dusky sea green nail polish?

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