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desk office space inspiration ikea iMac
desk office space inspiration ikea iMac review
desk office space inspiration ikea iMac review
desk office space inspiration ikea iMac

As you may or may not know, I am a full time blogger. I do blog "professionally" whatever you want to call it. The pro's and cons and the rights and wrongs of this can be discussed at a later date but I thought I'd share "my blogging area" with you guys. Up until about a month ago I've always actually just bloggged sitting on my bed. I wouldn't recommend it as I could feel my back getting worse and worse by the day and it's just not all that of a productive area to work in! I don't think I'd go as far as calling it an office space, my blogging area is just a corner in my bedroom! Nonetheless this small corner is now where I shall now be spending most of my days. I typically work on my blog for around 7 hours a day. I tend to work on three to four posts most days as well as doing all the admin, social networking and editing for the websites. So it does take a fair amount of time and personal motivation to make sure it all gets done.

I recently decided to invest in getting a iMac after my well loved Macbook Air just decided it wasn't powerful enough for me to use on a regular basis. I could see it getting more and more sluggish and the space was dwindling despite my efforts to transfer things over to my hard drive. I couldn't edit on it and the screen just was way to small. I needed something powerful enough to edit videos, store all my files and not lag every 5 seconds. I have the 21.5inch iMac which I bought from the Apple Store. I'm not gonna go as far as saying you need a Mac to be a blogger, because I really don't think you do. I think pretty much any ol' laptop/desktop/ipad/whatever you want to use is suitable. It just depends on your needs! For me I needed something that could process my work quicker and make my workflow much better. Plus, unfortunately for my bank balance I am an Apple snob so I just *HAD* to get a iMac. It's worth noting I started off blogging on a regular laptop, moved to a Apple Macbook and then onto the Macbook Air. Like I said it just depends on you're own personal needs for what type of computer you might need. There really isn't a HUGE difference in them, and as long as it gets the job done it doesn't matter what make it is!

My desk is the Ikea Micke desk in white, It's the smaller one as I wanted one that would fit in the small space I had but still be big enough to put my new iMac on and a few other bits. It took me ages to settle on this one as I knew I wanted a white one but I just worried too much about it getting dirty. When I was looking I also knew I wanted something with a pull out drawer to store all items that I want to review in the next few weeks. I like to keep things close to me so I can look at what I have and what I might fancy posting about. I have a few Glossy Boxes in the drawer to separate products. On the desk I also keep my daily makeup, which I popped in a small Muji Acyrlic Storage unit, a Ikea plant pot which I use to store my makeup brushes and a little fake plant thing which I also got from Ikea to give it a bit of green. I also have a few of the Red Christmast limited edition Glossy Boxes to store extra bits in such as products I want to review, nail swatch wheels and my camera & phone chargers and my external hardrive.

I need to buy a new chair as I just quickly picked this one up from Ikea when I was there. I need one that's going to give me adequate support on my back as I do sit here pretty much all day! If anyone has any recommendations for proper desk chair's I would be really grateful.

I've always dreamt of having a iMac placed on a perfectly white desk. It brings joy to my inner interior designer's heart seeing it sitting there all pretty and perfect. There are a few bits I want to add on to my desk, including some pens and maybe some notebooks to write down notes and stuff. I also want to put some decoration above my desk to make my corner feel a little bit more creative feeling. Oh and I also need to get a mousemat or something as I'm already getting sores on my wrists from where my Magic Mouse drags! I'm so happy with my new workstation and so glad I decided to invest in it. I feel it's already increased my productivity and made me a lot more focused on the things I need to do each day.

Whatever your feelings on full time bloggers. At the end of the day I'm self employed and in turn being self employed is really hard. No more excuses for not being able to get stuff done now Lily!
Let me know what you think of this post and if you'd like to see more behind the scenes stuff on this blog!

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