five summer ready blue nail polishes

blue nail polish recommendations review swatch photo
blue nail polish reccomendations  review swatch photo
essie lapis of luxury review swatch photo
ciate headliner review swatch photo
nubar jaded review swatch photo
gosh venus  review swatch photo
2 true shade 15 review swatch photo
blue nail polish reccomendations  review swatch photo
Essie Lapis of Luxury, Ciate Headliner*, Nubar Jaded*, GOSH Venus*, 2True Shade 15*
Today I pulled some of my favourite summer ready blue nail polishes and swatched a few up for your viewing pleasure. We'll start off with Essie Lapis of Luxury which is a beautiful cornflower blue. The application is very smooth and glides onto the nail with ease. The wider brush makes painting your nails completely effortless because its so wide you can vary the pressure of your stroke to cover your whole nail. This makes application a complete dream. Ciat Headerliner is a mixture between blue and green, a sort of dusky turquoise with a creme finish. Nubar Jaded is a suped up turquoise, I liked the shade but the brush and application of this polish was so-so at best. GOSH Venus is a bright turquoise blue, reminds me of the Nautical trend. It's a very retro kinda shade and a little like the iconic Tiffany blue. Finally 2True shade 15 is a pretty off white with a blue tint. Possibly my favourite from the bunch as I do like off white shades with a colour going through them! What's your favourite summer ready blue?


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