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Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control*, Ole Henrikson Truth Serum Collagen Serum*, NYX Cream Shadows, GOSH Giant Sun Powder*, Nip & Fab Glycolatic Fix Treatment Pads*, Collection Cream Puff in Powder Puff 2

Clarin's Body Lift Cellulite Control: While I was never expecting miracles from the Clarins Control Cream I have noticed a little bit more tightness on the skin on my thighs since adding this to my nightly routine. I worry loads about cellulite but I dont have a huge amount, and I hope to keep it that way. I thought I'd give it a while despite not having high hopes. The cream feels really cooling and fresh on the skin, almost a little tingly. It smells a little minty and medicinal too which I really like. Im not into body cream really but I have enjoyed using this one as it feels so fresh and clean rather than sticky and suffocating.

Ole Henrikson Truth Serum Collagen Serum: I love how smooth and soft it makes my skin feel, I feel it really gives my complextion a nice boost whenever I use it. The packaging is very handy and one pump goes a long way. it is very thin, but absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue behind. The product has a lot of excellent, good-for-your-skin ingredients and provides a good Vitamin C boost to the skin.

NYX Cream Shadows: I was really underwhelmed by these, although the colours are pretty in the tube! They have very little colour pay off and apply very patchy onto the lids. The formula isn't creamy, more sticky and foamy and just seems to sit on the lids rather than blend. I found myself struggling to smooth them out and make them look good no matter how hard I tried to work with them. They work out okay as a base but the shimmer is so chunky it just flakes off and migrates around the eye area. I wouldnt recommend these at all!

GOSH Giant Sun Powder: I wore this on my legs and arms when I went out at the weekend to give my skin a bit of a glowy boost. I used a large kabuki body brush and buffed it lightly over my fake tan. Overall I really liked it as it wasn't too dark in tone and was very illuminating on the skin. It's not quite a bronzer, but it does have a little colour in it. I think the packaging is way too big, it could be half the size and just as good! Very subtle and would really enhance a natural tan.

Nip & Fab Glycolatic Fix Treatment Pads: These are basically the same as Alpha H Liquid Gold but they come already soaked in the solution. Great for travelling or when I forget cotton pads! They do a great job of chemically exfoliating the skin and leaving you looking fresh faced and boosted in the mornings. I prefer Liquid Gold but this is a nice alternative to it!

Collection Cream Puff in Powder Puff 2: I've reviewed the Cream Puff's from Collection before but I thought I'd purchase another shade as I did genuinely enjoy the formula. However Powder Puff is literally that, it looks like you've taken a powder puff and dabbed powder on your lips. This shade especially 100% one of those concealer lips type products and not even a good one at that. The formula doesnt lend well to the colour of this one. I do think other shades in the Cream Puff range are much nicer so dont completetly disregard them because of this one! They are normally pretty matte shades that wear quite comfortably!