nude cleansing oil review swatch photo

I think its well documented how much I like the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel. It's my favourite makeup remover thanks to it's gentle formula and its ease of use. I went to a Nude event last week so I've been giving the Perfect Cleansing oil a whirl ever since. It's an oil cleanser that melts into the skin and breaks down makeup, applied to dry skin and then emulsifies and then water is added to make a milky cleanser. I then wipe off with a clensing cloth for a refreshed clean face, Personally I tend to double cleanse with another makeup remover so my skin is comptley cleansed. I always find oil a little harder to remove from the skin that other forms of makeup remover. So it is worth going over a few times with the cloth to make sure any residue is gone. The Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil isnt as oily on the skin as other cleansing oils I've tried in the past. I feel like it doesnt sit too much on my skin making it feel congested and blocked up. While It does take all your makeup off but it might be worth using another cleanser (for example Bioderma) to go around the eyes to make sure every last scrap of make up is off. As it can get a bit messy around the eyes! It has a nice natural "Nude" smell to it, which is hard to explain unless you've tried the brand! Overall a nice makeup cleanser, but nice being the operative word. I dont love it like I love my Pure Melt Cleansing Gel but it does a fab job and Im sure I'll be using it up. At £28, its not exactly purse friendly either so I don't know. If you like to cleanse with a oil then try this, if you're indifferent then... maybe try something else!