dry texturising sprays review swatch photo
Oribe Dry Texturising Spray: £38.00 (shown is travel size)

I'm a huge fan of dry texturising sprays, they are great to get those messy, bed head styles espeically on freshly washed hair styles. These dry shampoo/hairspray hybrids are among my favourite hair products. A life saver for people like me who have pretty limp lifeless flat hair after washing and need something to give it a bit of roughness during styling. It's great for enhancing curled or wavy hair and adding a bit of body into the lengths.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray is the most expensive item of the bunch. At a whopping 10x more expensive for full size than the VO5 version. It's nice, but not that nice. Definitely not worth it in my opinion. While the hold and the separation are there, and its so light on the hair with no residue. I just don't think there is anything special about this that can justify the huge price tag. Compared to the other dry texturising sprays this does actually last a fairly decent amount of time. VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray is pretty cheap and does a good job of mattifying the hair and adding oomph. Sprayed at the base of the roots and then ruffled out it gives loads of volume and . It doesn't last all that long though and the can even suggests setting the hair with a hairspray to keep the volume. I think the TRESemme Texture Style Devine Definition Spray is also very similar to the VO5 version, I feel they both are the same kind of formula and hold but it's a touch lighter on the hair compared to the VO5 as it leaves a bit less residue.

I do think spending £38 on a full size bottle of texturising spray is a bit loopy, and I dont think I'd reccomend it purely for that reason. I got the travel size which is a slightly more managable £18. While I see why people rave about it I just cant mentally justify something like that for my hair. Go with the lower priced ones but they dont last as long and do need a quick top up and refresh as you go along!