estee lauder bronze goddess 2013 fragrance review swatch photo
estee lauder bronze goddess: £45

"SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY", well those were the words that ran though my head when I popped into Boots the other day to enquire about my favourite perfume of all time - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. The woman told me it wasn't officially on sale until the 1st May but she'd sell it me on the basis I didn't tell anyone... Of course I agreed. Psh, then I go tell all my instagram followers, twitter followers, blog followers, text my friends, tell random people on the tube... Yeah sorry sneaky sales assistant! I just couldn't contain my excitement.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is a beautiful blend of creamy coconut, vanilla, mandarin, amber, lemons and tropical flowers. It's just exquisite. Bronze Goddess reminds me of hot beaches, summer nights, luxury vacations and cocktails. Glamorous and exotic and packed full of excitement. Comforting, energising, uplifting and as I described it last year, Holiday in a bottle. I personally think it smells a little different than last year's version. More creamy and soft, the coconutty notes are a little more subdued bu. The packaging this year has gone full of gold, which although I don't personally love it's not horrible. Last year's ombre effect and glitter bottle and orange tones made it much easier on the eye! I think the fully gold looks a little cheap, even for Estee Lauder.

I've honestly been waiting a whole year to get my hands on this perfume again and I cant be more smug/satisfied that I have it again. It's my favourite perfume of all time. I highly recommend going to and Estee Lauder counter to check it out. Now this launches officially on May 1st on Estee Lauder counters... I'll take 10. I'm honestly going to buy at the very least two more because I love it that much!