2 true nail polish shade

2 true nail polish shade 16 18 19 14 17 20 15 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 16 18 19 14 17 20 15 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 16 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 18 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 19 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 14 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 17 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 20 review swatch photo
2 true nail polish shade 15 review swatch photo
2 True Nail Polishes: £1.99*

I recently got my hands on some polishes from the Superdrug budget range of 2 True. 2 True is a cheap brand where everything is priced around the £1.99 mark and are 3 for £5.  I've never really paid much attention to the brand before but I have to admit I've been very impressed with the 2 True Nail polishes I was recently sent. Shade 16 is a pretty bright pink, perfect sort of "Barbie Nails" type of shade. Shade 18 is a bright bluey green shade which is very opaque and reminds me of the sea. Shade 19 is a bright plummy mix of purple and pink. Shade 14 is a lovely pale purple which is very similar to Models own Utopia. Shade 17 is a pastel but still bright coral nail polish. Shade 20 is a pretty periwinkle blue, its one of the most opaque shades of the range and you can get away with one coat. Shade 15 is a soft, light pale blue with a hint of cool grey.

At a mere £1.99 these are definitely worth giving a go. They have a nice wide flat brush which makes application effortless and they dry down very quickly. Most of the shades are two coats opaque with a few of the darker colours being opaque in just one coat. I highly recommend the shades of 15, 14 and 17, especially for spring as they are really lovely shades.


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