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I've been giving my makeup collection a good ol' clear out. Chucking away all the nasty dried up, out of date makeup and making way for loads of new bits and bobs into my regular makeup collection. I thought I'd do some mini reviews of some of the mascaras that I'm getting rid of to shade some of my thoughts on them and if I'd recommend them! Mascaras tend to go off the quickest of all beauty products, I generally try and use a new one after a month or two, but you should throw them out at around the 6 month mark.

YSL Faux Clis: This is one of my favourite Mascara's of all time and I've used it for years. I just love the pigmented colour and the fact it's slightly clumpy but not too clumpy it looks spider-lashy. It gives good volume and length to the lashes. I haven't actually used this in a while and I think I might repurchase it soon because I forgot how much I liked it.

Dior New Show: A mascara that I bought on a whim after seeing some amazing reviews on it. I found that New Show was a grower on me, I didn't love it at first mainly because I felt the brush was really small. It's one of those tiny plastic bristled brushes which I don't tend to get on with so well. However it's amazing at getting into the roots and covering all those little lashes. I especially liked it on my bottom lashes and it separated while giving awesome definition.

Eyeko Skinny Mascara*: I loved this mascara when I first got it. The Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara has a really small, thin pointy brush which is perfect for coating all the lashes. It gaves me a really wide eyed Twiggy look which I loved! Think really long, separated and spiked out, some may say it could border on spider lashes, but personally I loved the finish! Like with all Eyeko products I think it's really overpriced and I doubt it would be something I'd buy myself despite the fact I did like it!

Avon Supershock Mascara: I LOVED THIS. I got this free with a magazine of all things and was so impressed. I don't generally get things from Avon as I think its tacky (sorry, just how I feel!), but this feels like a stand out product. My lashes have never looked so defined, long and voluminous. Super black, non flakey or drying with tons of volume. Big thumbs up from me!

Makeup Forever Smokey Lash: I bought this over a year ago at IMATS and used it to death when I got it. I remember that it was really hyped up product by American beauty bloggers so I thought it might be something I'd like. I liked how black it was and found it to be non flakey and drying on the lashes. It gave good definition to the lashes while also giving them some volume. It made my lashes look really nice and I did like it. I wouldn't go out of my way to get hold of it again though. It dried up fairly quickly too which was a real shame.

Benefit They're Real*: I absolutely adored this mascara too. It's dried up fairly quickly though which is a shame. I was skeptical about the They're Real tag line but honestly it gives length unlike any mascara I've tried before. I really liked the brush too despite it being one of those plastic ones I don't tend to get on with. It also has a spikey ball on the end which gives good separation and removes clumps. It is really hard to remove though so you do need a balm or oil based cleanser to get rid of it completely!

In conclusion if I was to buy one or two of these again it would definitely being Avon Super Shock. I think it's absolutely outstanding quality for the price and definitely the hero product from this round of mascara culling. It's only about £10 too!