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asos leather sleeved top*
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asos leather sleeved top*
primark jeans
topshop boots

This was the outfit I wore on Saturday and I got my housemate to take a snap of me on my phone! We were all in a flurry on Saturday as we had new people moving into our house and people moving out on the same day. However I wasn't actually to helpful (I got in the way basically) so retreated back to my bedroom to snap a few more pictures before organising a trip to the pub. My contribution to the moving in process!  I really liked this outfit, I like the toughness of it while also being a bit girly with the lipstick! It's Illamasqua Immodest if you're wondering!

PS. I'm currently away at Center Parcs but I've gone and scheduled some posts to keep you tided over until I make my triumphant return on Thursday! I'll try and get some snaps from when Im away too, I fancy doing a vlog as well!