Redken Extreme shampoo conditioner review swatch photo

Redken is a brand I always hear about but one I'd never really tried before. I was recently sent the Redken Extreme range to play with and jumped at the chance to wash my unruly mane with it. The Redken Extreme range is aimed at people who have dry, distressed or damaged hair. Although my hair can look dry sometimes, overall it's actually in alright condition despite years of abuse and lots of lightening especially on the ends. I try to use shampoos that don't weigh my hair down but also give it the much needed nourishment to stop it from drying out. I've been using the Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner religiously for a while and I've really enjoyed it. In fact I've actually already used it up and I'm considering getting another set. Since adding it into my routine my hair has been left feeling soft, nourished and instantly smoother from first use. Over time I think it's helped heal my hair a little and it doesn't feel as dry as it used to. Like I mentioned I reckon I would definitely repurchase all of the Redken Extreme range, including Redken Anti Snap which I reviewed already. I've really like how soft and nourished it left my hair feeling not just after use but how it's improved my hair overtime. It's also a lot cheaper than the usual shampoo and conditioner duo I use which is the Ojon Dry Recovery duo so I think it's definitely worth a shot! Feel unique often have deals on the Redken range so it's worth keeping tabs on!