ETC LLYMLRS Product Directory review swatch photo

I've had loads of requests recently to do a big product directory of the products I've swatched, reviewed and talked about on the blog. A fair few bloggers (for example my head babe Kate) have started doing these and I find them super helpful so I took a few hours (well it was about 5 hours if I'm being honest) to do the same. I went back through the archives and gathered all the links together in one handy page.

As you can imagine things easily get lost in the shuffle as this blog moves so quickly as I post multiple times a day. So its easy to loose posts you might want to refer back to. So the plan is to make it a bit easier for all. All the product links are alphabetically ordered… well almost, I've still got to do a final check or two and For the most part they are in brand order too. I've also added a search bar to the sidebar so you can find specific things if you cant find the post you want to reference. Also remember to check the tags in the sidebar for specific product reviews like foundation, cheeks or mascara.

Hopefully this will enhance your experiences on ETCLLYMLRS and make things a little bit easier to find! Any feedback on this would be great! If you do have any suggestions or thoughts to make the blog better please do leave them in the comments. Feedback and suggestions are always appreciated, I honestly don't mind constructive criticism when it comes to blog design and usability as you're the ones who have to view it!
You can access the Product Directory here