diptyque tuberose candle review swatch photo

I recently went into Liberty via the sweets/chocolate entrance and boy was that a mistake. I stumbled into what I always refer to as the Diptyque Corridor. It's a really lovely part of the shop (lets face it all of Liberty is GORGEOUS) with all the Diptyque products laid out all lovely and nice. After some deliberation I decided on this full size Diptyque Tubereuse Candle, which was a whopping £40. I don't think I've ever done anything and instantly thought "Lily, You officially have more money than sense". Dropping what I'd normally quaff at on a dress on a candle that's going to give me 60 hours of room scent and be gone. Gosh Im a idiot.

Anyway, It's done now. I've bought it and started burning it, So I'll review it. Diptyque Tubereuse is basically a Tuberose based candle. Tuberose is a gorgeous strong, sweet, exotic, dark, sexy type of scent. It has that "creamy white" floral elements with an almost "dirty" sort of note to it. I can even put my finger on how I'm trying to describe it as dirty, a little bit old… fuddy duddy. Warm and Sexy. Think along the same lines as Jasmine or Gardenia, but a little sharper on the nostrils. To me I find Tuberose comforting and uplifting at the same time, It's absolutely intoxicating and heavenly. I don't normally like such floral scents but something about it just screams sophisticated, sexy and elegance to me.

I realised after a while why it appealed so me so much in the store as the sent was so familiar. My ex-boyfriend Dad used to make handmade candles and hand/body products and I remembered that his house used to always smell like that. His Tuberose Candle was always my favourite and I was given some one Christmas and loved it. Now, we split up two and a bit years ago now, but as soon as I started burning it brought the smell of his house back. The throw of Diptyque candles really impressed me as well. It filled my large bedroom with a really amazing scent which lingered even once the candle had been blown out. I did take care with the candle as I didn't want to waste it so read into the best ways to burn a candle.

Do I think I'll be buying a new Diptyque Candle in a hurry? Oh Hell No. I'm not that frivolous. It's nice but not THAT nice. If I'm totally honest I cant see the appeal of Luxe candles, they smell good but how do you justify something that just makes something smell good. Although I suppose the same principle applies to perfume… I do like to have a scented candle in my room sometimes, but when I do in future I think I'll be sticking to my reasonably priced candles. While I think Dipqtque candles, although frivolous and ridiculously expensive are lovely overall… just… yeah… more money than sense. *mutters*