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Aveda Outer Peace Facial: £83*

A few weeks ago I went along to the Aveda Institute to have a post fashion week facial and destress a bit. I won't go into detail about what happened that morning, but I basically ended up arriving half sobbing, one quarter not quite sure whats going on and a quarter wanting to crawl back home to bed. However despite my emotional unstability I went and I'm really happy I didn't flake.

The Aveda Institute is a huge building just off Shaftsbury Avenue/High Holburn. It's a spa, salon and a shop all rolled into one. It offers hair styling, colour treatments, massages, waxing, brows, manicures…basically anything you could imagine a spa offering they do it. I was taken down to a room in the Spa area and I stripped, got on the bed and took a deep breath and tried to focus on my facial. I've had one before so I sort of new what to expect, but every facial is different I find. The room was warm, relaxing and really nicely decorated along with being very was clean and beautiful.  I was booked in for an Outer Peace Facial which is a deep cleansing and extraction type facial. My therapist (who may I add was lovely and really sympathetic when I started sobbing during the facial!) asked me lots of questions related to my skin and how I felt about it so she could work out what was best for me. While my skin has changed recently and isn't as breakout prone or as oily as it once was, my biggest skin complaint is my black heads and my scarring. I have a huge congested area on my chin as well as my nose. I mentioned the scarring on the left side of my face because it is fairly noticeable, but in the end we decided to focus on extraction as that's something that could easily be worked on. She also gave me advice about how best to calm my scarring and regenerate my skin despite this not being the focus of the facial.  The Outer Peace facial is basically a steaming and extremely cleansing facial designed to decongest the skin. In all it took about an hour for completion and after my skin was beautifully cleanse and so smooth feeling. I was worried my sin might breakout after because of the "purging" part, but I only ended up with one tiny little spot that wasn't worth sweating about!

I highly recommend the Aveda Institute and would wholeheartedly recommend the facial I received. My skin was noticeably clearer and less congested and I can see how this would improve blackheads over time. From one visit I noticed a difference, but I think its the type of thing you need a few treatments to give it's full effect. The spa itself is clean, calming and relaxing. The staff are professional and helpful and really listen and advise you on the best way to look after yourself. It's an amazing place and pretty different for something so central London based. I've actually gone and booked myself in for a massage in a week's time to unwind a bit more as I liked it so much. I really enjoyed my Aveda Institute experience and would definitely recommend checking it out.
You can view the Salon Services Menu here. Aveda Insitute 174 High Holborn,Covent Garden, London.WC1V 7AA. For Bookings Tel: 020 7759 7355 or via Email: institute.london@aveda.co.uk