primark jacket
primark shoes
topshop necklace
zara toe bag
essie mint candy apple nails

H&M vest
topshop allegera boots (similar here)

Quickie post as I'm about to dash out the door to go to some events! I threw on my floral trousers which I wore for the Next Ones To Watch shoot (my post about it here) I did a few months back. Although I love the suit as a two piece I decided it might be a bit too much for a few events and then some drinks with my favourite girls. I need to throw on a coat as well as the wether today in London has been so weird and changing every five or so minutes! Currently it looks like it's about to pour down with rain!

I've also included a video that I made basically encouraging you to ask me anything! I've never done one of those types of things before, not since the epic fail that was Formspring. However I'm pretty open, honest and frank about most things in my life so feel free to ask me anything from music, jobs, life, moving to London, university and the like. Please leave them in comments on my Youtube Channel and I shall have a video answering them in the next few days or so!