001. Last night me and my pals went out for drinks and stuff in Shorditch. It was really good actually but Dal (the girl in the photo, yes we look similar and we're not related!) ended up having to go home a bit earlier as she'd had one too many! Vodka and Cranberry happened, Dancing happened and a confetti cannon was also involved at one point! Such a good night!

002. Please excuse my cop out of a Sunday photo today! I cant believe Im typing this but I'm actually enjoying not wearing makeup much at the moment. Although I'm not at the point where I'd post my naked face on the Internet, Overall I'm very content with the way I look. I think it could be because I'm a lot happier with my skin since cutting dairy and religiously using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, my brows don't need to be filled in and I've had my lashes tinted. The idea of slapping on foundation just does not appeal to me much at the moment, especially on a Sunday. I'm currently on the look out for the perfect base. I've ordered the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint which I cant wait to try out.

003. Tomorrow I'm off to London Zoo weather permitting. Hopefully it'll be alright, the weather is awful right now here in London. Literally so cold and wet, and generally just drab! I've been to London Zoo before and you can see the pics from when I went here. Expect another instagram dump while I squee my way around all the animals! I'm a huuuuge penguin fan!

004. I've made quite a few videos recently if you wanted to check out my Youtube Channel (:

005. And lastly I've got to start planning my LFW outfits as it's next week! Argh it's come round so soon as it feels like just yesterday I was looking at SS stuff! Currently waiting for invites to come in but I'm literally so busy this season. I decided to take on more than I normally do as I want to do loads of coverage for different things! Super excited!