barry m texture nail polishes

barry m texture nail polishes review swatch photo
barry m texture nail polishes review swatch photo
barry m texture nail polishes review swatch photo

I'm not new to texture polishes, I reviewed one last year when I swatched the Mariah Carey collection for OPI. Barry M have bought the concept to the UK highstreet with their new collection of Textured Nail Polishes. They have a sort of gritty texture, almost like sand mixed in with nail polishes. They have a light bumpy matte texture almost like grains of sand suspended in a usual creme finish polish.

Atlantic Road is a soft pastel powder blue which reminds me a little of their mainline Blueberry ice cream. Kingsland Road is a very creamy light peachy pink and possibly my favourite from the bunch. Station Road is a bright yellow, which Im actually not overly keen on. It's fairly bright and doesn't really fit with the other pastely tones within then range. Ridley Road is a beautiful bright but still pastel mint green which is absolutely perfect for summer. They are easy to apply and are all opaque in less three coats.

Unlike the previous sand polishes I reviewed I think the texture works a lot better on these softer Ice Cream tones. They remind me of the beach and summer and the colours really compliment the finish. I can see myself wearing these at some point, especial the beautiful Kingsland Road! I think textured polishes are definitely one of those love them or hate them types of products. I have to admit these have grown on me considerably!

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