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Kleancolor Twinkly Love is a clear polish packed full of large heart shaped glitter particles in red, blue and silver. The nail polish itself is fairly thick and gloopy but not in an unmanageable way. In fact I think it's actually quite beneficial as it means the hearts stick to the nail better with a nice thick topcoat. It doesn't take a long time to dry either which is a plus, because I think some glitter topcoats can take forever to dry! This base also makes it slightly easier to dab the hearts onto the nail. The glitter hearts stay on the nail surprisingly well, I've had a day wear so far without any coming off, Unlike Urban Outfitters Twinkle the shapes lie a lot flatter on the nail so don't get caught so much and ping off

Although Twinkly Love might be a bit late to get your hands on this polish in time for a Valentine's Day manicure but it's a nice addition my always growing glitter collection and fairly unique in terms of style as heart glitter polishes are few and far between. I bought a job lot of 6 Kleancolor polishes from eBay for £18 so this was about £3 including postage, but you can buy individual shades from the same seller for £2 but with a whopping £6.60 postage so the job lot is better value. I think it's a fairly agreeable price for such a unique polish. Im sure if you're savvy enough it's something you can DIY (I've been looking into Frankenpolishes, and it's not as simple as put glitter in a base polish!) Overall I'm super happy with this polish and Im sure it's going to be a glitter I use in the future for sure!

Ps. I'm not sure what the base colour is for my nails as I got them done at the salon, but it look similar to Essie Fiji or a pinker Models Own Utopia.