001. What a week! The post Christmas blues have kicked in and the return to reality has well and truly hit me in the face. I'm super unmotivated although it's nice it be getting back into some sort of normal routine, I'm not quite there yet! I haven't done anything of note this week apart from going to see The Hobbit which I thought was really good, even though the 3d was a bit weird at times. I'm not the biggest fan of 3d films so it was a bit odd at first but I did get into it in the end! I actually really enjoyed it and would recommend people going to see it if you're a LOTR fan!

002. A few new videoed are up on my YouTube channel if you haven't seen them already. Including a Primark Haul, an Outfit and one on some of my favourite lipsticks. I'm not sure what I'm going to be filming this week so if you have any thoughts or suggestions please do let me know! I know I need to do a December favourites video as I actually completely forgot to do one at the end of the month!

003. I know Im always super slack when it comes to giveaways, but I need to pick my winner for my GHD giveaway tonight, so I'll email the winner tonight as well as finally get I'm touch with the winner of my LLYMLRS Box that I did a few weeks ago. I have all the bits for the second giveaway but I might go and grab a few more bits for the box before posting towards the end of the week!

004. Currently trying to decide which boots to add to my collection- Either these ones or these ones. Help!? I've decided I want something quite masculine and tough rather than my usual dainty style of shoe. I think something clompy to stomp around in would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe!