topshop coat (old)
H&M hat
forever 21, topshop & market stall rings

I might this midi, well a bit shorter than midi but longer than a mini dress from River Island a few days ago (I cant find it online!) and Im in looove with it. So comfy and easy to wear and just the perfect throw on and go outfit. Although it has made me realise that it's time to bring out the fake tan for my pale legs! This afternoon I received my brand new Morrocan Tan from Xen Tan which I cannot wait to try out. I've seen so many glowing (hoho!) reviews on this fake tan. It has the most gorgeous strong coconut smell as well which is just deeeeeee-lish! All hail the winter glow! Anyway enough waffling about fake tan! I just threw on a cardigan and a coat to finish off my outfit. It's still pretty cold down here and I had errands to run so needed some warmth. Although I don't think it's as cold as it has been and considering my legs were out I wasn't too chilly! I think I look a bit on the bulky side with all the layers but I think thats the joy of layering sometimes. Nothing like feeling like a bundle of cosiness!

Tonight I'm off to indulge in sushi with my housemate (40% off at Yo Sushi starts tomorrow, although its Blue Monday today so I reckon it would work out around the same!) and then I need to be super boring and do my washing and sort some work I have to do. Im running so late as per usual, but I shall talk to you all tomorrow (: