001. As I've mentioned already this week I've been pretty ill. I still don't know whats wrong with me so I'm going back to my Mum's for a week or two tomorrow to relax and take some time off from the city. I'll take my bloggy stuff with me, including my Tripod so hopefully I'll be able to keep blogging while I'm away but I'm not really promising anything. This blog is really taking a turn for the worse at the moment and it's making me worry even more about making stuff for it. Argh! I just wish I had focus!

002. I made a video called The Great Expectations Tag which I uploaded tonight on my Youtube Channel. I've been a bit quiet on the Youtube front because my iMovie just won't export the videos I've already made. It's driving me crazy so I don't know why it's being such a pain! It's a really cool styling one I made about two weeks ago but I just cant get it to work! So frustrating as I'm so proud of it and spent a while working on it!

003. I cant wait for January to be over, it's always the month where I have no money, no motivation and no desire to get out of my bed. Today we went and played in the snow and went to the Death exhibition and the Wellcome Collection. I highly recommend going if you're looking for a quirky and free exhibition in London. Me, Dal and Matt all then went for dinner at Vapianos, another place I highly recommend in Central London and then came home to sleep and defrost. Currently sitting under a huge pillow fort trying to think about what I need to pack to go home as well as thinking what products I need to take with me!

004. It's my year anniversary since I moved to London today! Oh how time flies when you're having fun! I've had a strange ol' year and not really done half the things I intended to do when I took this massive risk on moving to the big city. However for some reason I cant imagine living anywhere else. I take for granted so much that I live in one of the most inspiring cities in the world and I really need to do more with my time here!