001. I'm now back at the Casa De Mmmymlrs! The trains were absolutely hellish trying to get home yesterday and my Flatmate took about 9 hours door to door! So nice to be at home with my family without having to worry about anything. I feel so blessed to be in a warm house, a fridge full of food around the people I love. I don't appreciate how good my life is sometimes, and I think it's always nice to take a step back and be thankful for the things around you. My Step Dad and I are currently watching a marathon of one of my favourite TV shows, Storage Wars, God Bless the History Channel! My Mum's determined to fatten me up with mince pies, crisps and nuts, And although my siblings drive me crazy but Christmas wouldn't be the same without them!

002. I decided on my Christmas day outfit a few days ago and despite ASOS ordering troubles. I had to order and cancel my orders a grand total of four times before I got my act together and actually ordered it to the right house with the right delivery method! #llymlrsproblems. I decided on this dress, polka dot tights and my Office Flatforms. I bought a selection of jewellery with me when I came back so maybe some sort of statement necklace, either this Urban Outfitters one, my Rose Gold ASOS collar or my Primark "Transformer" necklace. Any thoughts on which one I should wear?

003. I've been collating my best of 2012 products to round up over on my other blog this week. It's so weird to think of all the products I've used this last year and try and put down on paper (well, digitally) which were my favourites and why! The posts will be up next week so I hope you enjoy them!

004. I've noticed I've had a sharp decline in traffic recently thats coming from blogger and I've finally discovered that it's because it isn't directing traffic to my blog. My blog isn't showing up in a lot of Readers dashboards. If you're having trouble seeing my blog on your dashboard you might have to follow it via another method. For example Blog Lovin' (thats my reader of choice!) or via Twitter or via Facebook or just do it the old fashioned way and bookmark it. To check if my blogs showing up in Blogger Reading List, go to your Dashboard, then down to your reading list and then find my blog in the sidebar. Click on it and if it's saying "You have followed this URL, but we couldn't find a feed for it" then it won't be coming up. I keep getting mixed messages if it works or not, so please let me know if my posts show up for you or not! I don't know why there is this issue and I'm working on fixing it!

005.  I'm not the biggest Christmas person, I don't get festive at all! But now Im back at my Mum's with all our Christmas stuff I'm finally getting all those Christmassy feels and embracing the season! All I need now is a bit of Michael BublĂ© and some mulled wine and I think this Scrooge will have softened up a bit! Anyway, I really do hope everyone has an amazing Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate it just have a nice chill out for a few days!