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flatforms: office (sale, now sold out)

Feel free to file this post under filler rather than snippets but I thought I'd just show you some close ups of my flatforms. I get alot of comments about them! Plus its all I have, Spent the day loading my boxes onto a moving van! Flatforms are basically like as the name suggests flat platform shows. Im shorter than I'd like to be and (I know this sounds weird) don't like the way my feet look in flat shoes. I feel so short and stumpy when I don't wear heels or a wedge!

I like flatforms because the give me the extra inch and a bit I like without being too high. I personally find them easy to walk in, although its quite odd at first being so far off the ground but still have flat feet! My Office Willow Paige's are half real leather and half suede which I think adds a lovely dimension to the shoe. I paid £28 for them, which I think is such a bargain considering I did want them full price (£75) but they were sold out in size 5 on-line. I know these ones are sold out now but I have a similar pair from H&M (again sale) and there are these ones on new look and these on asos (I bought these too). You can also look on ebay for my specific pair but unfortunately there isn't any coming up at the moment. I was so lucky to find these flatforms in Office after months of lusting after them!

You sick of seeing me wear the same shoes everyday yet?

PS. So sorry about my veiny feet, I absolutely HATE feet to the point where I feel a little bit sick seeing someone elses foot! Which is actually a part of the reason why I never used to show them.